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I am a Colombian architect and 3D / Ai artist based in London.

I  started to explore 3D visuals while studying architecture in Colombia and I was fascinated with the potential it has, so when I completed my degree I decided to focus on this area. I came to the UK 7 years ago and I am currently working as a senior 3D artist in an architectural visualization studio in London.


I started to create my own artwork a couple of years ago. My pieces are a mixture of all my passions (architecture, art, surrealism, travel, nature, photography, technology...) and they are what I create in my free time when I escape, learn, and experiment. With my art, I want to take the spectator on a journey, and take them to places I've been or haven't been before, places I have dreamt of, or places that don't exist anymore. Instead of recreating places exactly as they are, I prefer to recreate the feeling of being there, the fading memory or dream of it.

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